#MillenialPink is going strong this year.


Statement Earrings That Are Cool

Blogger Jenny Walton

This trend is something I saw on stylish women who wore paired their earrings with a more dressed down attire. Statement earrings can elevate any outfit. As seen on Jenny Walton who pairs here chic earrings with a rolled up sleeve shirt, scarf, and skirt.

This is the Fashion Podcast You’ve Been Waiting For

Fashion No Filter


With 3 episodes in – fashion journalists Camille and Monica have me already obsessed with listening to Fashion No Filter podcast. This great duo have insight into the fashion industry and they share in depth on what goes on behind the scenes. They touch on topics of fashion that you otherwise would not be able to read or hear about because the business of fashion is always 99% tight lipped. Now that Fashion No Filter podcast is here I hope to listen to more interviews with social influencers and getting a feel for how bloggers can work with brands when they starting out. You can find Fashion No Filter on iTunes now.



Fashion Book Club: The Story of O.L.T.

April 2017 Book of the Month

Image taken from The Olympia Press Tumblr

Each page has a snippet into her life that has shaped Olympia and her brand. I like that you get to know the designer through pictures. After all, doesn’t a picture says a thousand words. As a fan of the brand, I was so happy her book case was designed similarly to that of her book clutches. Over all, this book gets my stamp of approval.

Have any of you read or picked up this book? Thoughts? Comment down below.

Join a Fashion Book Club

fashion books

I made a promise to myself that I would start collecting books and not just any books but ones particularly in fashion. And this thought ran across my mind that there must be other girls and guys IRL that own an amazing assortment of fashion books too. So I came up with the idea to start a fashion book club.

To answer your  question why I want to start a fashion book club is to one give back an honest review on a fashion coffee table book or a fashion autobiography, and two is to build a community for readers to share their favorite books and who knows one day this could grow into something bigger. I think there are some fashion books that are not worth adding to your collection and there some that become fashion bibles and are so worthy of owning. So if you are interested in joining be sure to follow Melissa in the City blog for updates because my next post will feature April’s Fashion Book of the Month.


The Best Street Style Photographers

 Bill Cunnigham.jpg

The original street style photographer there ever was – was Bill Cunningham. The late Bill Cunningham paved the way for the photogs I’m going to mention today.

Now, in my opinion, the best street style photographers now are Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton, and Nabile Quenum. These three have three different points of view on how they shoot fashion. Recently I was listening to Fashion No Filter podcast and it was interesting to hear Schuman’s and Ton’s reason why they shoot who they shoot and what captures their eyes. Fashion street style photography has grown into a full pledge career for some and these guys are dominating the scene now.

scott schuman

Scott Schuman has a the ever famous street style blog – The Satorialist. His photos capture a beautiful selection of people and places that he’s traveled too. With over 1 million Instagram followers he knows how to captivate his audience through his photographs.

tommy ton 2

Tommy Ton said it himself that he loves fashion in a recent Fashion No Filter episode. I think that fashion as a topic brings people together and how you dress really plays a part in how you convey yourself to the world.  I personally love saying his full name because I think it rolls off the tongue perfectly and he has branded himself to be playful and a serious street style photographer and he owns it.

Nabile Quenum

Then there’s Nabile Quenum – last but certainly not least. What I appreciate about his shooting is he captures people with the most unique sense of style and he himself has an amazing sense of style. I follow him on Instagram and he is always traveling and creating content. I think that through his traveling he is inspired by the people he meets and the cities he visits you can feel that this through his photography.

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How to Work in the Fashion Industry  

Certainly there is no narrow path to working in any industry, but these tips can guide you in landing your foot in the door. First and foremost let me just address that this my point of view and I’m in no way implying that this will work for you – you have to mold my advice and find what works for you.

If you want to work in the fashion industry – know that there are many areas you can dip your feet in. Say you love making connections with people and are outgoing maybe working in PR would suit you or working in social media. My first tip is get industry experience and what I mean by that is either freelance in showrooms as a junior account executive, or work in a retail establishment as an associate or as an intern. The more relative work you have on your resume the better chance you have working for your dream job.

The great thing about working in fashion is that it is a creative field that doesn’t require a bachelors degree. If you have great contacts in the business than you can work your way up your career. Tip number two is to network your butt off. Attend social gatherings surrounded by your peers who work in the field you want to work in. You may find that you might not meet industry professionals directly but they may know someone who does and you can form that connection that way. Nowadays social media apps play a big role in your career placement like LinkedIn and joining these kinds of websites can enhance your potential in this competitive career. My last tip to work in the fashion industry is to stay passionate and to maintain a healthy balance of work and personal life. There is no doubt that you will work for your dream job one day, but more importantly what matters most is you. At the end of the day a healthy you is a better more productive person and that’s what employers look for, for their business.  Find time to meditate, dance, or do yoga in your free time because you will have the rest of your life to work.