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Can We Be Friends?

When you’re a child and young adolescent making friends is easier. It’s easier to make friends when you’re a kid because you meet other kids through school, dance class, or through your neighborhood. And as you get older making friendships is difficult.

For me personally, I can look back at my high school friends and say I don’ hang out with any of them anymore. I think there are multiple reasons why I don’t but one being I moved out of state for college and never looked back. Now that I am in my late twenties I wish I had not fucked up those relationships. What I have learned is not to take good friendships for granted.

I never thought that after college and working in my adult job that it would be hard to make friendships. I guess I looked at things as the glass half full and friendships would come easily. That is particularly why I started the meet ups (see previous blog post) because I think its important to meet new faces and start new friendships. I may not know the best ways to make new friends, but I think being more open minded and getting out of your comfort zone is a way to start.


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