Turtlenecks in the Summer: A Do or Don’t?


Do you break fashion rules? I do. I wear what I feel comfortable in, and I believe there are no rules in fashion to follow because then that would take the fun out of styling yourself. Seeing other women not care about “rules” in fashion allows me to be my most authentic self when it comes to my wardrobe. At the end of the day, there are more important decisions to make in your day then clothes.




Do I have to Wear Shorts in the Summer?

I use to love wearing shorts. As a little girl, it was something I loved to wear because I didn’t have to think about shaving my legs or the cellulite on my thighs. I guess this about my own insecurities, but put that aside its also a choice. On those hot, humid 80 degree days I have the choice to wear my short shorts and not care, but I let those thoughts creep inside my head and get the best of me. The result is not always cute. I end up sweating through my pants and I look like as though I went swimming. It’s now my choice that I go with wearing pants in the summer time.

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Being A Tourist in My Own City


Although I was born in Boston, there are many parts of the city that I have yet to discover. This past week, I was able to explore a new neighborhood that was filled with charm and beauty and that is Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill from what I know is a tourist destination spot because it is filled with history and it is very picturesque with its cobble stone alley’s and its lovely small businesses.




Another Spring OOTD




On this day the weather was perfect. It was a really warm spring, sunny day. I wore this outfit hoping it would not be too hot but either way I’m happy I wore it. The top and skirt are Aritzia and my accessories are from Proenza Schouler and Mango. Go check out outfit details on my Instagram account at melissainthecity.

Going to Work OOTD




I like the professional look. There is something about wearing a pencil skirt and blouse that rings office attire wear. I can remember when I was younger that I despised wearing anything that was too formal looking, but now that I’m older I appreciate it.

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

Photographed by Madeline Heising


I started ‘Melissa in the City’ as a creative outlet for me to showcase my style, my inspirations, and my outlook on life. When I was in high school I enrolled in summer courses at FIT in New York and I realized just how much other girls were driven by fashion. So it only made sense to study it in college and when I graduated I continued to work in fashion. Over the that span of time, I thought about how much of what I learned was shaping me as woman to buy what I wear. My schoolwork and working in the industry put me on this path to start a blog.

Now that I’m in my mid twenties I’ve gained this confidence to step outside of my introvert self and share more. I want to wear that Comme des Garçons oversized structured coat and pair it down with a feminine dress. This blog will be my style diary to test my boundaries and break those rules.


I decided to wear this J.W. Anderson denim skirt because of the ruche detailing and pair it with the Aritzia top and its exaggerated puffed sleeves. The accessories were the Mango silver ball earrings and the Proenza Schouler purse.


On my Instagram and Facebook page ‘Melissa in the City’ I will be adding more photos of this look soon. So stay tuned…

Louis Vuitton Resort 2018

LV Resort 2018

LV Resort 2018 2

LV Resort 2018 3


With Resort 2018 shows in full swing, perhaps I may be stating this too early but hands down the Louis Vuitton show was amazing. Nicholas Ghesquiere respectfully paid homage to the Japanese culture with such class. The models were dressed in traditional prints, their makeup was kabuki inspired, and Ghesquiere was inspired by a 1970s Japanese film series called Stray Cat Rock. The collection had a 70s feel to it with the leopard print jackets and shag haircuts, and the tailoring for the collection was clean.