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Rosie Assoulin Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear #MelissaReviewsFashionWeek

Rosie 9

Rosie 1

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Rosie 7

Rosie 3

Hands down the best #NYFW show. The voluminous dresses and skirt are feminine as fuck. If I was 5’9 and very rich this is what  I would wear all the time out of the house. I am a huge fan of womanly silhouettes and anything that accentuates the figure in a non-restricting way. I feel as though you can dress as modest as you want and still be sexy. As I write this review I am enjoying a tall glass of red wine and in my pjs – there is nothing better.

A+ in my book.

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Mansur Gavriel Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collection #MelissaReviewsFashionWeek

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Images from Vogue Runway

Mansur Gavriel debuted its first ready-to-wear collection. This comes after months of anticipation that the collection would drop and now it is ready to buy.  The ready-to-wear collection is very much like their handbag and accessory line – refined basics.  I mean this in the most sincere way. They did not re-invent the wheel when it comes to clothes, but they brought a new way to how you want to style a knitted sweater or add a puffer jacket to your wardrobe. The collection has rich hues of colors and that alone makes a statement when worn. Overall, I am excited to try on the pieces and style a puffer jacket from Mansur Gavriel.

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Teen Anxiety and Baby Phat #MelissaIRL

I started experiencing in high school anxiety right before presentations. I remember we were given an assignment to write who our role model was and present it to the class. I chose Kimora Lee Simmons because this was 2006 and Baby Phat was in the prime of its existence. I admired what Kimora had done to that point being a supermodel and fashion designer. So when it came to my turn to present my piece I couldn’t speak – I just froze. The teacher took pity on me and allowed me to sit back down. I remember just feeling defeated and embarrassed that I couldn’t voice my opinion because I was afraid to present in front of my peers.

I didn’t realize then that not being comfortable to speak in front of your peers would take a toll on my social anxiety now. I honestly thought my anxiety in my teens would disappear and I could laugh at my experiences back then. My fear of public speaking only heightened my social anxiety. When I moved away to college I would avoid school the day we had to present in class. I risked taking a bad grade over having to speak in front of the class.

When I look back and think about those experiences, I wish I hadn’t let my anxiety get the best of me. Now that I’m adult I now only feel more than ready to continue to get help for my anxiety. I hope my story resonates with you if you are going through something similar. The best thing that has helped my anxiety has been speaking up about it and not feel stigmatized by it.

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Can We Be Friends?

When you’re a child and young adolescent making friends is easier. It’s easier to make friends when you’re a kid because you meet other kids through school, dance class, or through your neighborhood. And as you get older making friendships is difficult.

For me personally, I can look back at my high school friends and say I don’ hang out with any of them anymore. I think there are multiple reasons why I don’t but one being I moved out of state for college and never looked back. Now that I am in my late twenties I wish I had not fucked up those relationships. What I have learned is not to take good friendships for granted.

I never thought that after college and working in my adult job that it would be hard to make friendships. I guess I looked at things as the glass half full and friendships would come easily. That is particularly why I started the meet ups (see previous blog post) because I think its important to meet new faces and start new friendships. I may not know the best ways to make new friends, but I think being more open minded and getting out of your comfort zone is a way to start.

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Having a #Girlboss Moment

Sometimes I dream that I will be this wildly, successful CEO of my own company and I will be inspiring other women to do the same. Then, I remember that in order to do something on that level you must be fearless, independent, and very smart. Of course I have my doubts, but who doesn’t because it seems scary to put yourself out there. So I remind myself to pump my brakes and come back to reality and start small.


When I was living in Midtown East, trying to survive the long hours and sleepless nights, I yearned for a creative outlet that would inspire me. I came across this women’s community space called,The Wing. After doing research I knew I wanted to join this awesome club. It felt like a space where I could meet other women who wanted to be a part of this gem to grow together. Yet, I was hesitant to sign up because of the monthly dues. I was already paying so much to live in the city, I was knee deep in bills.

That’s when I came up with an idea to start a meet up for millennial women to come together and socialize. There would be no fees and it would be held at different locations throughout the city. I thought what a great idea, but I was missing so many of the components that go into creating an event. Let me just remind you, I am in no way, shape, or form an event planner. I was doing this on my own. Long story short I made my first post about this event on Craigslist – which is not the best place to gather anyone to meet in person. I learned the hard way because no one showed up. But that didn’t stop me when I moved back to my home state of Massachusetts and I tried it again.

The first meet up was not a meet up, at all. No one, besides my sister, who was there because she wanted to support me. She than gave me the brilliant idea to post about this meet up on I rightfully listened to my sister and I brought the event to, and from there thats when I got a slew of RSVPS and people that were interested in meeting each other. My second event would become my first official meet up because it was organized and thought out properly.

The meet up was held at Tatte Bakery and Cafe in Cambridge. There were four courageous women and my lovely sister who came to the meet up. For the next two hours we ate, drank coffee, and chatted like we had already known each other. It was what I wanted to happen – millennial women to meet, gather, and socialize. Everyone who came was open to meeting one another. They brought great advice and stories that were cool.

When the meet up was over and done,  I left feeling grateful. I was happy and proud that I had put this together because I did not give up on myself.  If you ever have a “silly” idea don’t keep it to yourself because it can blossom to something bigger when you collaborate with others. Before I sign off, I want to thank my big sister Samantha for believing in me and this idea. Below are the incredible women who showed up to the meet up.



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Family Matters


Is this outfit not giving off Urkel from Family Matters vibes? It is. I am entirely into high waisted pants and skirts at the moment. High waisted anything is just so figure flattering. The pants are from this cool Danish brand called Ganni, the top is from Marc Jacobs, and the shoes are from Urban Outfitters. For more outfit posts visit my Instagram @melissainthecity.


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Summer Reflection


This day was hot and humid and I thought to myself why hadn’t I worn cotton breathable clothes. But as someone who doesn’t check the weather or base what I’m going to wear around weather I deemed this outfit doable. In the future I will check the weather from now on.